Why does my electric fireplace keep shutting off? [5 common reasons + tips to fix a faulty electric fireplace in 2023]

why does my electric fireplace keep shutting off

The first and most important consideration when looking at the functioning of an electric fireplace is whether or not the device is on a timer or has a clock.

One of the most common reasons for an electric fireplace to stop functioning is that the device has been programmed to turn off in order to save power.

Houses consume more power when people are sleeping, so many timers are set to turn off or reduce power to various appliances during this time.

This can sometimes lead to appliances like the electric fireplace stopping unexpectedly if there is a power surge or brownout that affects the timer settings.

Additionally, an electric fireplace’s light bulbs may have burnt out. Many electric fireplaces require light bulbs for the fire simulation to function properly, so if they stop working, it may appear that your fireplace has shut off.

Why does my electric fireplace turn off by itself?

Why does my electric fireplace keep shutting off

There are a number of reasons why an electric fireplace turns itself off.

Electric fireplaces come with a number of safety features to prevent overheating and other dangerous situations.

Many electric fireplaces also come with a timer or thermostat, so it’s important to check these settings before deciding to dive deeper into problem-solving.

If your timer is set to turn off the fireplace after a certain amount of hours, or you have your thermostat set to a temperature that the room has already reached, your fireplace will automatically shut off.

When an electric fireplace shuts off by itself there are usually five main issues: Overheating, a faulty thermostat, an incorrect bulb, restricted airflow, or a blocked inlet. 

One of the main causes of overheating electric fireplaces is dust and dirt build up over months and years.

Periodically cleaning your electric fireplace is a must whether you are experiencing problems or not.

The most likely reasons your electric fireplace keeps shutting off

1. Overheating

Electric fireplaces typically shut off when they overheat.

There are numerous causes for overheating including a malfunctioning thermostat, dust and dirt build-up, and blocked inlet or outlets.

If your electric fireplace overheats, you may need to reset the fireplace. Check our guide at the bottom of this article for how to reset your electric fireplace.

2. Thermometer

A thermometer on the fireplace should be inspected periodically because when it rises too high, the fireplace will shut off automatically to prevent damage. 

Check for other causes before reaching this conclusion such as dirt and debris or incorrect thermostat settings. 

How to test your electric fireplace thermometer

1. Test the thermostat by powering on the fireplace for a few minutes to ensure proper functioning. 

2. Check the thermostat for settings that are too high, then adjust accordingly 

3. Remember all fireplaces have automatic safety shut off because the fire is too hot or the doors are open. 

4. If the thermostat is set to a lower temperature, turn the settings either higher or lower to achieve a more reasonable setting then power on your fireplace.

5. If the temperature on the thermometer is within a reasonable range, proceed to clean and inspect the fireplace for issues. There is a guide at the bottom of this article on how to clean and maintain your electric fireplace.

3. Incorrect bulbs

Something as simple as a replaced bulb can cause your electric fireplace to shut off unexpectedly.

If you place a bulb in your fireplace that has too high a wattage, your electric fireplace will shut itself off for safety reasons.

4. Blocked heater

Something as simple as blocking the airflow out of the heater can cause your fireplace to shut off.

Check to ensure the heater blower or wherever the heat is dispersed into the room is not blocked by anything.

5. Restricted Airflow

Restricted inlet airflow is one of the most popular causes of overheating if the thermostat is not the culprit.

Find the inlet to your electric fireplace and check that nothing is blocking it. This includes dust or dirt build-up as well as more obvious to spot objects like carpet.

What to do if an electric fireplace shuts off after a few minutes 

electric fireplace shuts off after a few minutes 

Most electric fireplaces shut off after a few minutes because of a malfunctioning thermostat. 

If your fireplace is shutting off because of a thermostat malfunction you need to remove the thermostat and check it for continuity. 

Set it to about 150 degrees to see if the fireplace shuts off after that setting. 

If it does, your heater is definitely shutting off because of a thermostat malfunction. 

If the thermostat is not the culprit, you need to check the heater element for continuity.

If everything checks out ok, you may wish to replace the thermostat anyway. 

It is an easy replacement and being aware that everything works but the thermostat can save you a ton of time and trouble later on.

Why does my electric fireplace keep going off?

The most likely and often simplest cause of your electric fireplace going on and off (even extremely regularly) is your thermostat settings.

If your thermostat is not set to the correct temperature for your room, and the room is already at that temperature, the fireplace will go off, but will then come back on to maintain that temperature.

If your room has bad insulation, your room can lose heat extremely quickly, so you might find that your electric fireplace turns on and off frequently.

How to clean your electric fireplace

How to clean your electric fireplace

Electric fireplaces have several cleaning and maintenance components that are designed to help them perform properly.

It’s always advisable to check with your manufacturer’s instructions before attempting any maintenance on your electric fireplace so that you have accurate information.

However, there are some general techniques you can use to effectively clean your electric fireplace.

Follow these instructions to clean and maintain your electric fireplace so it continues to function optimally: 

1. Unplug your electric fireplace

2. Allow your electric fireplace time to cool down if you have been using it

3. Remove the glass panels from the front and sides of the fireplace to clean them. 

4. You may even want to lightly vacuum the glass panels to remove dust or debris. 

5. Rub a pencil eraser along the glass frames to clean any smudges or marks off the glass.

6. Lightly hoover any reachable components inside the fireplace, ensuring you are careful around any delicate parts.

7. To replace the glass panels, replace them leaving them down a bit so they can sit flat against the fireplace. 

8. Replace the bolts that secure the glass panels to the fireplace.

How do you reset an electric fireplace?

Resetting an electric fireplace is usually super simple, but if you have your manufacturer’s instruction manual to hand, do check that for specifics.

Generally, however, the way to reset your electric fireplace is to turn all switches on your fireplace to the off position and unplug it from the wall for at least five minutes.

After five minutes have passed, turn everything back on.

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