Blower not working on electric fireplace [the most common cause REVEALED + solutions for 2023]

blower not working on electric fireplace

Owning an electric fireplace brings a lot of convenience in comparison to real wood-burning fires.

But every now and then, things go wrong.

Don’t despair, a blower not working on electric fireplace is an extremely common problem amongst owners.

Why is the blower not working on my electric fireplace?

The most common reasons for the blower to stop working in your electric fireplace are dust and debris build-up around the fan and motor or the bearings in the fan becoming dirty and sticking.

Over time, the blower will collect a large amount of dust and other debris such as pet hair, lint, etc.

When the blower becomes blocked it will stop working altogether, vacuuming and using compressed air will unclog the blower.

If the bearings of the fan have become dirty and start to stick, the fan won’t be able to get up to the correct speed.

Lubricating the bearings with something like WD40 can unstick the bearings and have the blower working again in no time.

How do I fix a broken blower in an electric fireplace?

blower not working on electric fireplace

Hopefully, you still own your operating manual and if you do, it will make this process a lot easier.

If you have the manual find the section that tells you where the blower is located in your fireplace.

It is often found under the lower portion of the firebox.

Once you have located and accessed the blower and motor, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your electric fireplace is unplugged and has had time to cool down
  2. Clean the fan and motor using a vacuum cleaner that has a hose and brush attachment.
  3. Use a can of compressed air to blow out all the hard to reach places.
  4. Spray the fan bearings with WD40
  5. Reassemble the bottom of the firebox
  6. Plug your electric fireplace back in and test the blower.

If following these steps doesn’t solve your problem, you likely have a bad fan motor or the switch that turns the fan on is malfunctioning.

Contact the manufacturer of your fireplace for further assistance and spare parts.

Final thoughts

More often than not, the cause for the blower in your electric fireplace not working is something simple. And hopefully, our solutions outlined above can fix your blower!

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