Are electric fireplaces noisy? + tips to quieten a noisy electric fire 2022

are electric fireplaces noisy

Electric fireplaces are one of the most convenient, clean, and environmentally friendly choices you can make when heating your home. But, being heated via technology as opposed to burning wood or coal, means there are a lot of moving parts inside of an electric fireplace.

Many people worry that this will make electric fireplaces quite noisy.

There are a lot of different factors that can contribute to how noisy an electric fireplace is, including the specific model and make, the age of the fireplace, and whether or not it’s been properly maintained.

In general, however, the sounds you might hear coming from an electric fireplace are usually very soft and subtle, and certainly, nothing compared to the crackling and popping of a wood-burning fireplace.

Are electric fireplaces noisy?

The short answer is that electric fireplaces can be noisy. However, this mainly depends on the type of electric fireplace you choose. A lot of high-end models are almost inaudible, while some cheaper models can be fairly loud.

Unless you are sensitive to humming/fan sounds, however, it is never/should never be overbearingly loud when the TV or radio is on.

How can I make my electric fireplace quieter?

Electric fireplaces can be loud, but there are ways to quieten them down.

The main source of noise from an electric fireplace is the fan. The fan is used to circulate air around the fireplace and can create a fair bit of noise. Some electric fireplaces have a variable speed fan, which means that you can adjust the speed of the fan and therefore the amount of noise it makes. A slower fan speed will mean less noise.

Another way to reduce the noise from your electric fireplace is to make sure that it’s properly maintained. A build-up of dust and dirt in the fireplace can cause the fan to work less efficiently and make more noise. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help to keep your electric fireplace running smoothly and quietly.

What is the quietest electric fireplace insert?

One of the quietest electric fireplace inserts is the Dimplex PF3033HL Multi-Fire XD Electric Firebox Insert with Faux Logs Bed. Without the heater element on the fireplace is silent, and with the heater on there is a very, very quiet fan sound but this is almost inaudible and will become background noise within seconds of turning it on.

This is the same for most Dimplex electric fireplaces, so if you don’t like that design, you can’t go far wrong with any of Dimplex’s models if you want something quiet.

Are Dimplex Electric Fires noisy?

Dimplex fireplaces are some of the quietest electric fireplaces on the market – model depending, obviously. But as a general rule, they are all well-made electric fireplaces and while you can hear a faint hum of the motor running, you shouldn’t be able to hear anything when the TV is on for example.

Are electric fireplaces noisy? – Conclusion

In short, electric fireplaces can be noisy but it really depends on the model. Some are near silent while others can create a fair bit of noise. However, there are ways to reduce the noise from your electric fireplace, such as choosing a model with a variable speed fan or making sure that it’s regularly cleaned and maintained. Dimplex electric fireplaces are some of the quietest on the market and are a good choice if you’re looking for a silent fireplace.

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